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James and Jones have been invited to contribute to Agitprop! An exhibition that looks to the future of  contemporary art in society and invites artists to make work in response to this question. Referencing the saturation of the manufactured propaganda image, constantly produced and ubiquitous, Project Space 11 in Plymouth will present a rolling exhibition of black and white posters (both in the Project Space, and throughout the city) created by regional, national and international artists.
Project Space 11 will act as a temporary campaign office for the duration of the show: manufacturing propaganda multiples that visitors can distribute as they see fit.

For more info head over to Project space 11’s site here or see the poster below



While Jones maybe working away deep in the Aberdeen countryside,  James is also working hard at the opposite end of the country.

Currently i am  the Associate curator At Plymouth Arts Centre as part of the PVAC Associate Scheme, where I am producing a large scale exhibition looking into the ideas of walking as an artistic Practice.

for more info check out PAC

James on the Road.

I was once told that you should only ever attend conferences on Art when you are speaking or being spoken about.

So abandoning this pearl of wisdom I will be attending the one day conference in Liverpool to coincide with  the Abandon Normal Devices festival called ‘Real-Time – Showing Art in the Age of New Media’ to report back in attempt to help the organization I work for improve and widen its programme.

A few interesting speakers and the added bonus in the fact i’ve never been to Liverpool.

Perhaps i’ll see you there.

/Seconds Article

James & Jones have  recently contributed an article for /seconds journal. The article is framed around an email conversation discussing their recent online project ’31proposals’

you can find the article here.


31 Proposals has begun!

Please click on the tab above to see the first proposal.

Keep coming back to see the proposals over the next 30 days.

Artist Vs. Curator/ Curator Vs. Artist…..

Saw this website, by Miriam Kathrein, which is following on from a masters project.  Found it an interesting way of tackling and debating the relationship and shifting roles of artists and curators in contemporary art…. but mostly enjoyed the tactics of using the Tote bag as a way of disseminating the ongoing struggle in a message or in a “visualised” debate!!!

See it here: