09th June 2009

Proposal No.9

Type shop.

Through Exploring the use of type in recent art practice, Type Shop is a collection of 20 fonts culled from contemporary art publications. Picking up on the groundwork laid by appropriation art in the Eighties, these types are a byproduct of art production extracted for a second use, but without modification or addition. All of these fonts have been created without the permission of the artists, and their use is limited to the exhibition. (While the project is called a Type Shop none of the fonts are available for purchase.)

All of the types will be hand-drawn by invited artists. A selection criteria  will be used  to omit artists employing existing typefaces, or borrowing from other sources. It was also limited to type appearing within a single artwork (or related series) rather than written correspondence or other informal output by the artist.
Utilizing the type shop resource, a group of 14 international artists will be invited to make a text-only poster,  to be displayed in the gallery and added to the gallery as and when they arrive and then distributed. The resource will also available for gallery visitors to design and print their own posters in the gallery which will be hung along side the commissioned posters. The project instigates a distribution of the aesthetics of contemporary art into the everyday life and the everyday uses of posters.



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