02nd June 2009

Proposal No. 2

Who I am and whom I work with.

As an artist who also works as a curator (an artist/curator) I propose to develop an ongoing collaborative project involving other artist/curators or curator/artists.

As the initial instigator I would create an art work in my role as an artist and in relation to my own practice, I would then, as a curator invite and work with another artist/curator or curator/artist to further develop the art work. The invited artist/curator or curator/artist would work in the context of what they see themselves initially, whether an artist or curator.

They would then invite, by taking on their second role either as an artist or curator, another artist/curator or curator/artist to develop and collaborate with to take the project further.

Some artist/curators or curator/artists may see no distinction between the two roles within their practice. In which case they would be able to work within this context as an invitee and inviter.

If the invited person also sees himself or herself as an educator, such as myself, (or within another artistic role) they may also develop this into the project. So for example they may be an:

•    artist/curator/educator
•    curator/artist/educator
•    artist/educator/curator
•    curator/educator/artist
•    educator/artist/curator
•    educator/curator/artist

Once an artist/curator, curator/artist or other finishes their part of the project and allows the artist/curator, curator/artist or other to invite someone else, they relinquish all say and responsibility of the project, and cannot be re-invited to take part.

The project can be developed in a number of different contexts, as a gallery based project, postal or online manner. If gallery based then this would obviously put a time limit on the project. In this case each artist/curator, curator/artist or other would visit the gallery for a set period of time, say 3-5 days to work on the project. This would also limit the number of artist/curators, curators/artist or other that can partake in the project.

If online or postal the project can be ‘ad infinitum’, and can continue and develop on an ongoing basis with collaborators developing their part of the project as long as they wish until they decide to invite someone else. The project would only end when an invited artist/curator, curator/artist or other decides they want to end the project and not invite another artist/curator, curator/artist or other.

Who I am and Whom I work with diagram

Ben Jones


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