29th June 2009

Proposal No.29

Man A: ‘Is there still anything like institutional critique?’

Man B: ‘ from this perspective, only in A post-socialist context…’

Is there…. will consist of discursive events and an  installation. James and Jones will devise a project as a process-based, investigative work that presents some of its findings at the 1:1 Project Space Rome (March 2010) and the Form Content Space London (April 2010).   The installation is made up of answers given to three questions we have asked several artists, curators and directors within the field of contemporary art to answer.

1. What constructions of meaning does an artwork create and how do these influence other structures of society (as opposed to political meaning, scientific etc)? Could you describe a work that you consider important/influential?

2. What strategies could one (or does one) implement at art institutions to give art a more important role in society?

3. Is there still anything like institutional critique? If so, what does it mean in the present context?

As part of the installation, James and Jones also asked to receive an visual image that could be part of representing the thoughts elaborated by each contributor. The printed photos displayed in the exhibition-space are all chosen and sent by our contributors.

Events will include topical, informal, and comical presentations/ public salons/ drop in Q+A sessions where James and Jones will provide hot drinks and lively chat on the ideas of Insitutional Critique. Biscuits will also be available.



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