23rd June 2009

Proposal No.23

James, Jones and liversidge: Proposals

From 1st to 30th June 2006, artist Peter Liversidge typed and posted Proposals for the Edinburgh Festival to the Ingleby Gallery. From the sublime to the ridiculous, 105 proposals were made and sent. Whilst 2 were suspected casualties of the Great British postal service, the surviving 103 were collated in a book published by the gallery in August 2006.

Liversidge’s Festival Proposals included running a dentist surgery, sweet shop or petting zoo from the gallery for the Festivals duration, the construction of a death slide from Edinburgh Castle to the Scott Monument, or the release of a flock of 5 million starlings over the city – and many other fantastical suggestions besides. A number of equally wonderful but slightly more possible suggestions were realized by the artist and Ingleby Gallery throughout the festival. In June 2007, Peter Liversidge and Ingleby Gallery were awarded an exhibition in Art Statements, a prestigious selection of one-person exhibitions within Art Basel 38. During his time in Basel, from Sunday 10 June to Sunday 17 June, Peter presented his project Fair Proposals.

Peter Liversidge Festival proposals card

James and Jones will collaborate with Peter Liversidge on a project involving proposals. For 1 month James, jones and Liversidge in conjunction the Ingleby Gallery Edinburgh will meet each morning to assign each other previously agreed tasks based on their proposals projects.

The upstairs gallery space at the Ingleby Gallery will become a research station of their proposals and what they encountered during their days undertakings.

These will also be plotted using GPS and Google maps to show and track each persons whereabouts. The project finding will also be published.  Each member of the partnership must return to the gallery by 5:30pm each day, and appraise each others attempt at their selected proposals.

Through the act of collaboration it is the aim of the project to find out the ideas of working in an Autonomous partnership, and whether or not all proposals can be realised.



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