20th June 2009

Proposal No. 20

The Walk (Border to Border)

Kevin Cahill’s book and website ‘Who Owns Britain?’ is the first detailed look at landownership in Britain in modern times.

Taking this book/website as a starting point James & Jones propose to investigate the social, political and cultural issues that arise through the thought processes of what a border is. Jones will take part in an enormous logistical and physical challenge in two parts:

Part 1 – walk the English/Scottish border from East to West; and

Part 2 – walk the English/Welsh border from North to South.

Through this process Jones will develop a commentary and documentation of the experience of the walk(s) and an understanding of these area’s of the UK, that are potentially disputed and could possibly be seen as both or neither English, Scottish or Welsh. Jones will meet, along the way, the people who live on the borders and investigate the geographical/ topological landscape that could be seen as political or social in its role as invisible and visible lines between two countries.

Jones will use ‘The Itinerant Toolkit’, developed James, which will allow for the documentation and development of work and his thoughts as the walk develops. He will take various medium to document the journey including a diary, DVcam, digital camera, notebook etc.

Jones will be invited to report back to James through various medium, if possible, such as GPS, a blog, Twitter, postal mail etc, as well as meeting at various points along the way to discuss his experiences so far. At the beginning and end of each border, there will be a chance for an exhibition/talk of conversations, imagery, ephemera and thoughts collected and developed along the way. Potential venues include:

•    East Scotland/England border– Berwick Gymnasium Gallery, Berwick upon Tyne
•    West Scotland/England border– ArtGene, Barrow in Furness
•    North Wales/England border – The Bluecoat, Liverpool
•    South Wales/England border – g39, Cardiff

Map of UK, (Engish/Scottish and Welsh/English borders marked by a red line)

Map of UK, (Engish/Scottish and Welsh/English borders marked by a red line)


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