17th June 2009

Proposal No.17

Lotty Rosenfeld’s performances, videos and video installations are conceptual and material interventions against the grammar of social order. The cross as a mark of resistance is a recurrent motif in her work. Echoing the way that she herself crossed through the authoritarian regime, she marks the connection between power, technology, market and media.

In 1979, using lengths of white cloth, Rosenfeld supplemented the median strip of a main artery road in Santiago de Chile with lines in such a way as to form cruciforms. With the oppositional action Una milla de cruces sobre el pavimento, she not only manipulated a road marking, but also disturbed the routine in order to reconquer the public realm. Six months later she showed a video documentation on huge projection surfaces on the same avenida. This intervention was likewise documented.

In collaboration with Commissioning body Artangel Lotty Rosenfeld will be asked to demark the areas with her signature white tape where bombs during WWII fell within a radius of 1 square mile the actual geographical centre of the UK’s four biggest cities.

These small, precise interventions within our cities, and our everyday are supposed to serve as a reminder of what happened. By adding an organic line, she will be disruppting the everyday, and the linear way we deal with memory and memorial of past events that shape our lives. A temporary ‘X marks the spot’. reminder of what actually happened on that spot.



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