16th June 2009

Proposal No. 16

Svankmayer: Beyond Fact and Fiction

Jan Svankmayer is a Czech surrealist artist working in animation. Švankmajer has developed a distinctive use of stop-motion technique, creating surreal, nightmarish yet funny long and short movies, often involving inanimate objects being brought to life and exaggerated sound and sped up sequences.

The project aims to investigate and demystify the techniques, where stop-motion aims to allow for the knowledge of its craftmanship that adds to the visual pleasure, whilst CGI wants to erode the distinction between simulation and reality.

Working with Svankmayer I propose to develop a festival based around his work to understand his work in this CGI festooned world. Alongside showings of his work will be a series of talks and workshops allowing other artist to create work using his techniques. Svankmayer would also be invited to develop a new piece of work to be premiered at the festival, acknowledging modern animation technology.

Ben Jones


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