15th June 2009

Proposal No.15

Reenactment of Everyday Violence

In 1968, Graciela Carnevale locked the door of the exhibition space Ciclo de Arte Experimental, a storefront space in which the audience had assembled, and went away. For an hour, people waited, both inside and outside. Finally, someone smashed the window from the outside and released the people who had been locked in. It is this moment that is shown in the documentary photo (above)  In her flyer, distributed subsequently, Carnevale explained her intention: by means of a parallel experience, she wanted to expose violence as an everyday occurrence.

In accordance with this action a series of similar events will be staged by James and Jones in galleries based in educational institutions. Regular gallery visitors will be invited to an unknown event as if it were a private view, then following the events that took place in 1968 will be repeated and documented accordingly.
‘The risks of the enclosure are what define it artistically’, stated Carnevale at the time. James and Jones wish to reexamine forty one years later this definition.Perhaps only the people involved will be able to decided whether they are prisoners in a gallery or if they are just living material?
The proposed venues are:
Hatton Gallery Newcastle
John Hansard Gallery Southhampton
The Arts Gallery London
Peninsula Arts Gallery Plymouth

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