12th June 2009

Proposal No. 12

[The Alternative (?)]

The disintegration of the public sphere and the government controlled centralisation of media and government has meant debate and discussion has become lost. Cultural policy is controlled by the hegemonic ruling bodies and any protest or ad hoc spur of the moment “event” is classed as against the “public interest” and a possible security scare. Liberal democracy can be seen to allow people to live outside of politics and deny them participation and a chance to create their own authority. There are no differences between the main ruling parties and there seems to be no alternative.

I propose to try and develop a possible alternative to the current system, one of what could be many. Using the ideas behind the Free University and IAPDH I aim to try develop an arts/political organisation based upon creativity, discussion and debate whose main aim would be to stand for election with artists as representatives. This would also question the autonomy of the artist and their role in society and the possibilities of art to change and inform society.  Though doomed to failure, the action would be seen more important than any inaction.

Ben Jones


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