10th June 2009

Proposal No. 10

24 hr Twitter

Social networking has become a way for artists to disseminate information on exhibitions, ideas and thoughts regarding their every day lives. Artists have become interested in using such media to create art work as well as promote their artwork. It has also  become away for people to present their lives, whether we are interested or not, to the whole online community.

With this in mind, and using Twitter as the most up to date medium for social networking, I propose to invite an artist to expose their lives to the whole online media as an artwork. This also brings into play the idea of Big Brother and reality TV and the enjoyment, or not, of watching the everyday as entertainment. Taking the most prominent contemporary artist who, as part of her artwork, exposes their lives to scrutiny, Tracey Emin, I propose to invite her to post a statement of her everyday actions every 5 minutes over a 24 hour period, allowing people, who sign up to her Twitter account to experience and comment on her reality and life experience. This will take place on the from 12 noon on 26th June 2009 until 12 noon on the 27th June 2009.

Ben Jones


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