01st June 2009

Proposal no.1


With the advent of the so called ‘Super-curator’ (the term coined to describe globe trotting curators that curate and then move from one large scale show to another) it would be an interesting and perhaps counterintuitive to the processes of curating to use this project as a way to investigate and condense this practice into a shorter period….

Over the period of three weeks A ‘super-curator’ will be chosen to curate 7 shows in succession. The following venues would be:

The Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts San Francisco

Parker’s Box New York

Camden Arts Centre London

Secession Vienna

Sala Rekalde Bilbao

Town House Gallery Cairo

Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts

Each Venue will select the artists to be inculded in the shows not the curator, he/she must not know who the artists to be curated are until arrival. The Curator must travel to the next venue directly.

M. James


One response to “01st June 2009

  1. An interesting concept sort of a ‘blind curation’ or ‘speed dating for galleries’ with artists and curators, being thrown together at random. You could almost make it into a sport, or a day time reality tv show.

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